• First Publication Released

    We've finally released our first educational publication, SFA Perspectives, which contains a variety of different articles from our team on the state of solar technology and the solar industry. In this edition we have included articles on the future of solar, best practices for solar companies, an interview with the director of facilities at Johnson Controls, the results of our solar perception survey and much more.


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    Download SFA Perspectives here.

  • US Solar Payback Map

    Check out our US Solar Payback map that shows average monthly and 20 year payback information for residential installations by state, as well as average sun hours per state.

    We're also in the process of designing more comprehensive solar return on investment calculation tools to help show the practicality and ever increasing affordability of solar power.

    Check out the map here.

  • Thanks For Visiting SFA

    As we continue to grow, this website will become populated with a variety of educational publications and videos. It will also showcase our Solar For America Initiative, a series of campaigns aimed at getting students and community leaders involved in the solar movement. This initiative will help bring solar programming to colleges and universities that aren't currently involved in solar research and will facilitate giving programs between solar manufacturers and community organizations.

    To learn more about the SFA Initiative, or to support the initiative, go here.

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